Thursday 09 July. 2020, 01:01:14 PM
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DAPOLOGY: Eulogy Of A Job Well Done

Sounds more like an attitude than a wake of a great personality the likes of whom Ogun state has not had, 'Dapology' was coined to accentuate the whole of Dapo Abiodun Innate person.

 "Dapology is a dream to realize, a hope to actualize, a mandate to glorify and a beneficent in disguise."

Dapology is an everyday attitude and an emblem of responsiveness crystal clearly displayed in the yellow colour heralded by the real deal himself, a fume of happiness and optimism. Dapology is an attitude that makes one ruminate around positivity. it never makes one feel egocentric but fills one soul with humility.

A dapologized government tenders mercy with judgment and makes people's welfarism the center of its governance. This reopens the eyes of the citizens to the power inherent in the doctrine of democracy. There is now a paradigm shift from aristocracy to democracy in our dear state.

 It wasn't a journey of paddle and canoe but a journey of mortal and pestle. Forestalling party internal clashes, Hovering over election crisis, waltzing through the tribunals, casing out of the appeal court and the final victory at the supreme court have added nothing but toxin to the sugary journey, but we scaled through without a hair drop. What a time!

Dapo Abiodun discontinued the "you don't vote for me, your axis lacks development" mentality of the previous administration by revamping dilapidated infrastructures and constructing new ones in areas where they are deemed. He never played lopsidedly in the discharge of his constitutionalised duties and also scare-off being tagged a "district's Governor".

The big staggering elephant has not only crumble the educational system but had seemingly bashed thousands of students hope. The implication of this would have been so grave if not for the prompt intervention of a father who cares. The once sold out institution now runs quality education, All thanks to no other person than daponified governor. 

Here we are, recording milestone achievements within a year, what more shouldn't we expect in seven years to come. Within a year in office, this administration has brought to shore the once capsized ship of the state and captaining it to a better sphere. A sphere of unimaginable greatness at the peak of success.

Nevertheless, Criminality has edged on high reduction since the new Ogun state breed thugs no more. Teeming youth are now exploring new grounds in the technology world, Agriculture businesses and vocational works with lots of enabling environment created by the Dapo-nistration.

Overtly, Daponistration comes with all materials necessary for growth of our dear state. With ground breaking achievements here and there, investors trooping in to partner with us, Agriculture innovations, overhauling of the educational sector, even the blind could see the great future Dapo Abiodun has recruited the finest citizens to build together.

Peace and tranquility they say hastens development, with the show of a peaceful reign, Ogun state under the leadership of Prince Dapo Abiodun Mfr. will top the greater height in no time.

Aroboto Rasheed
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