Monday 24 February. 2020, 05:40:43 PM
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International Organisation Awarded FMCA Medical Director For Good Leadership Role

A foreign organisation, Initiative for Positive Influence on African Youth (IPIAY), Uganda has considered the leadership roles played by the Medical Director of Federal Medical Center (FMC) Abeokuta, Prof. Musa Adewale Olomu as  he  was awarded on  Wednesday.

The Chairman of the Initiative, Comrade Paul Matthew explained that the organisation was formed to cater for the victim of war and to give them  support on any circumstances they found themselves.

Other core mandates of the organisation, he said was to make the war victims realise that what happened to them is not the end of life.

According to him, the award was given to the Medical Director due to his positive contribution to the centre.

His acheivement as enuciated were;  activation of stroke unit, opening of FCMB bank at the center, labouring theatre in functioning capacity, Purchased of 200 hospital beds,provision of solution to the accomodation challenges of Dental, ENT ,Ophthalmology and physiotherapy department.

Others he said were;  regular supply of oxygen in the hospital and also plan to build another oxygen plants, procurement of essential equipments of internal medicine.

Olomu who expressed excitement said the way IPIAY had yet encouraged him to persist in his good works.

He urged the IPIAY organization to keep on working hard for better achievement and also promised them to promote their organization in order to achieve their aims.

He said further in his speech that world have turned to global village because what they are building in the center can easily spread every minutes, so he urged the congregation to care about their health.

The chairman Board, Dr. Abdul-Azeez Labo Mahuta congratulated the Medical Director on different award he have been given by different organizations and also urged him not to quit his positive minded to people.
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