NASU Chairperson Urges Polytechnic Management To Look Into Staff’s Welfare


Comrade Onifade Ayoola, Chairperson NASU has called on the management of D.S ICT Adegbenro Polytechnic to look into the welfare of its staff members.

The call was made after a joint meeting of the Congress of Unions compromising ASUP, SSANIP and NASU.

“My take on this issue is that we want the management to look into the welfare of the staff. Since the time past, the welfare of the staff has remain the same. We have not seen a visible improvement. We cannot boast of collecting our salary on a monthly regular basis. There has never been a year where we have a full 12 months salary in a year. And this has been our pain all this while. It has been a recurrent issue and we have been calling on the management to look into these issues. We want the management to have a listening ear. Like we use to say, a tree cannot make a forest, and there is no person that is an island of knowledge. If you are in a place like this you should expect diverse opinions, and when you are open to them that is when you can make a headway. So we want him to be more open, not only by receiving us, at least if you’re trying something and it’s not working why not at another way. We should not just remain stagnant.”

Comrade Onifade however urged the State government to not just make promises but also ensure that they take action by keeping to their promises.

“Since the State government are the parent body, they have to come in, they have to look into this issue. Like the subvention they are giving us, it is a stipend. Like I said earlier on, our wage bill is about 27 million naira and we are being given 5million naira that is not even coming as and when due. As we are saying now, I think the government is still owing us about three to four months subvention. Although this government is just new, we don’t want just promises we want them to spring into action.”

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