D.S Adegbenro ICT Polytechnic Grossly Mismanaged — SSANU Chairman


SSANU Chairman, Comrade Muritala Azeez has labelled the D.S Adegbenro ICT Polytechnic has been grossly mismanaged by the current administration.

Comrade Muritala made this known to Medalinks Reporters after a joint meeting of the Congress of Unions comprising ASUP, SSANU and NASU.

“You see, this Institution has been grossly mismanaged by the present management. This was a management that came about 3 years ago with a lot of promises. We welcomed the Rector who was a Doctor. He became a Professor while here as a Rector. It was the second year of his administration that he became a Rector. We thought that people with such academic pedigree would have better understanding of what management is. But unfortunately, he has spent about 3yrs here but all he has achieved is nothing to write home about. It is quite unfortunate that we have a Rector who does not listen to his staff. He believes his own way of doing things is the best. He has not been able to pay our pension, even the money deducted from our salaries. The counterpart that is meant to be paid by the government, a dime has not been paid from it. This is a Rector that will adopt threat, intimidation of staff to scare them from speaking their minds. Even when some of us who represent the staff as Union leaders speak, he says all sort of things to scare us away. He has not been able to pay salary for the past three months now. Nobody from the staff of this Polytechnic has taken a dime. It is unfortunate that we are in a situation that we don’t even understand. The last meeting the Rector held with the member of staff here where he was confronted by the Union leaders to give us a template, a blueprint on how he intends to run the Institution for the next five years, and Professor could not say anything. All he said was attacking the person that asked the question. We are in a very serious crises. We require from the Rector the plan by which he would lead us out of the crises which he has led us into. He has no solution to the problem of this Institution.”

Comrade Muritala however advised the State government to always ensure they recruit administratively savvy individuals who are knowledgeable and competent in the area of management.

“If the State government still believes that we are part of the general workforce of this State, the State government should come around and rescue us. The advise I want for the State government is this, in appointing Institution leaders, there should be rigorous procedures to make sure and ensure that people with administrative pedigree, people with integrity are appointed into position, and in fact in the case of this Polytechnic, we have been ruled variously by people coming from outside in the name of big certificate. This time around, let us decide our future ourselves. Those of us who do not have appointment in any other place, we have been ruled by people who had appointment in other places, who thought and who still believe that when they mess up with our future here, we would go back to where we came from. We want the State government to appoint our Rector right from inside, our Registrar right from inside. Let us manage our destiny.”

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