Electorates Lament Over Voters Registration Mix-Up


Electorates who are ready to cast their votes at Ward 3 Unit 2, State Junior Grammar School, Eric Moore, Surulere, Lagos State had protested the mix-up on the voter register with the INEC.

Five eligible voters’ laments that their names and photographs were found on the voter register pasted at the unit but they could not vote because different names were shown on the voter register at the point of accreditation.

According to one of the affected voters, Adeleke Awoniyi, said he was surprised that he was turned back because the name that came up on the card reader was a female voter’s name but with his photograph.
“I was not allowed to vote. I voted here in 2015 and there was no problem. But today, I saw my name and photo in the voter register pasted on the walls but a female voter’s name came up as mine during accreditation, he said.

“This is strange and it is painful. I have been denied the opportunity to vote but I will wait and see their boss.”

The victim further said, “I think they have to rectify the error. I have been voting here before now. Why should things be different this time? This is annoying and something must be done about it.

Mrs Eno Ajayu, who is also affected by the development said her name appeared correctly in the pasted voter register but a male name different from hers was seen during accreditation.

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