NLC charges Amosun to pay 35,000 minimum page


The Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC has charged the Ogun State governor, senator Ibikunle Amosun to pay 35, 000 minimum immediately the federal government approve the proposed 30, 000 minimum wage.

The Ogun State chairman of Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, comrade Akeem Amabali, gave the charge on Wednesday in an interview with newsmen during a mobilization rally embarked by the union at NUJ Okelewo, Abeokuta.

Comrade Ambali said that this will make Ogun State to be different from other States.

“For us in Ogun State, we have never gone backward, in everything we always lead and others follow, the current minimum wage Ogun State pay is 200 above other States and we know our government will no go back on that.

“Immediately the 30, 000 minimum wage is approved by the federal government, we want to charge the Ogun State governor to take it higher a bit and pay N35,000 naira to Ogun workers so that Gov. Amosun will exiting office on a glamorous note.

“Dont let us to be discouraged, we believed our governor will do the needful and there will be no need for any strike in Ogun State after the 35,000 minimum wage is released.

He said that the NLC has not started the strike yet, that they have gathered for a peaceful mobilization rally.

“We are taking our struggle to Okemosan to meet our governor to present some documents to him, but if today’s meeting is inconclusive then we will know the steps we are going to take but for now we are not embarking on strike.

“We want to let you know that payment of minimum pension is included, we will continue to engage ogun State across courters to draw FG’s attention to their plight.

He said that the struggle is going to be a continuous one until the federal agree to pay 30,000 minimum wage.

“We have vowed and we know the language they understand is no retreat no surrender, if the federal government is not going to listen to us, we are not going to surrender, the 30,000 minimum wage must be approved by the federal government.

The NLC boss noted that very soon every worker in Ogun State will smile.

Comrade Amabali maintained that it is not that the federal government cannot afford to pay the money but its lack of willingness to pay.

Meanwhile, the Trade Union Congress chairman, TUC, comrade Bunmi Fajobi submitted that the reason for the protest is to draw the attention of the Federal Government over the 30, 000 minimum wage.

“It is very important to draw mobilization across our unions, private sector union and public service union, like the language of my fore- father, the day of fight is still ahead, as we speak we don’t have directive on strike, the directive we received is to peacefully mobilize our people for a rally and that we are going to stick to that this morning as we proceed on the strike.

“After the rally, we are all free to go back to work an

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