The Originator of New FMCA is gone…


“Dr. Theophilus is gone, but his good deeds and kindness to all and sundry still speak for him. Which type of story would be told about you when you are no more”

There is no how you talk about the new change in Federal Medical Centre, Abeokuta without mentioning Dr Theophilus Olujinmi Motayo because he was the initiator and originator of so many of this ideas.

Dr Theophilus is the initiator of many policy that has brought mutual relationships among staffs of FMCA. He is a man who put a strong legacy which nobody can rubbished, a man many FMCA members of staff adopted as their father because of his fatherly role in during tough time.

This is a man that change the orientation of top HMC cabals to do good all the time, he is the one that start the new legacy that turn FMCA to a paradise of good people, but, cold weather has snatched Baba a rare gem away from us.

He has bagged many names from different people because of his will to help both staff and non staff at different time.

Dr Motayo is a season philanthropist, an administrator per excellence and a father.

Every member of Fmca will always remember Dr Olujimi Motayo for the good deeds he has done all the time. We would miss your smile, we would miss your impacts, we would miss how you help members of staff without telling anybody about it. May the soul of Dr Olujimi Ayinla Motayo rest in peace.

Late Dr Theophilus Olujinmi Motayo is Medical Director, Federal Medical Centre, Abeokuta (2000-2008).

Tribute written by Chairman Medalinks Reporters and communication Lagos, Omooba Tiamiyu Taiwo

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