Police demand N100,000 for release of mortuary attendant


The Enugu State police command has demanded a sum of one hundred thousand naira for the release of a detained innocent mortuary attendant, Jerry tunji Adam who was accused of responsible for the missing corpse in a mortuary.

Jerry tunji Adam Haynes, 26yrs old man was employed by kilven cooper as a mortuary attendant at mother of Christ in holy ghost coal city enugu state.

He was detained over missing of a corpse which report has it that he didn’t know anything about.

It was gathered that another family who also had a corpse in the same mortuary mistakenly took a wrong corpse intead of their own corpse.

Report also has it that the family when they discovered it was a wrong corpse contacted the policemen to inform the owner about it.

The family of Jerry raised an alarm that the enugu police command is demanding a sum of one hundred thousand naira from them before the innocent man can be released.

They said that the police had already known that it was the helper that released the missing corpse to another family with the knowledge of the management.

The family therefore called on the government to intervene in the fraudulent act of the policemen.

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